SMAS helps protecting trademarks by providing registration and maintenance services, free watch, technical and legal advice as to use and registration, opposition and cancellation actions, recordals of change of name and/or address,


SMAS area of expertise includes a number of patent species; to name a few: pharmaceuticals, chemical, petrochemical, mechanical, electrical, and biological patents, in addition to software and business method patents, as well as oil industry related patents.


SMAS provides registration, enforcement, watching, licensing and counseling services related to copyrights, as well as guidance and advice as to copyright issues and "fair use" principles.

Domain Names

SMAS handles top-level domain registrations (TLD) and second level domain names (SLD) in many countries

Technical & Legal Translation

SMAS provides translation services from and into Arabic, English and French languages, through large in-house team of professional translators to handling various types of technical and legal translations

Monitoring & Enforcement

SMAS seeks continuous cooperation with customs departments to enhance protection of our clients’ rights; since the marketing of counterfeit or pirated goods poses a serious threat to industry and consumers

IP Awareness and Training for companies

SMAS-IP is offers Intellectual Property training, a long-term investment, but a cost-effective one, leading to better utilization of intellectual capital, more effective internal IP management policies and practices.

IP Auditing

Some of our clients and most companies face various difficulties in managing their own Intellectual Property, apart from the lack of knowledge on the existence of the intellectual property. 

IP Strategy

A detailed appreciation of the overall business goals and strategy is critical in coming up with an effective IP Strategy which addresses a business’s intangible assets and establishes the best way to protect those assets.



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